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3 TOP tips to enhance your event with Technology!

Do you use for phone for more than just text messaging, email and phone calls? Of course you do. Studies have shown that most of us look at our phones on an average of 150 times a day! It’s with this in mind that you may want to consider how you can make use of technology to enhance and improve your events. Below are 3 top tips to help you enhance your event with Technology.


Event planning

Social media is no longer just the novelty that it used to be. Social media networks are an important tool that can aid in the success of businesses and events. You may want to make sure you maximise your opportunities by having a strong online presence. This can help in attracting attendees, spreading the word about your business and build anticipation for your next event. It also allows you to document your event in real time and attendees can share their experience with the wider world when they are there.


Instant Feedback & Participation

In this day of constant social media updates, it comes as no surprise that your event attendees will naturally be updating their social profiles, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram etc. Take the initiative and involve them. Create a hashtag and clearly explain to them that they can interact between themselves and the event organisers using your hashtag, eg: #GCCConference2016. Get people, whether present or not, to engage with speakers and ask questions via live tweets. This can help when reviewing the event afterwards as there is a record of people’s thoughts, questions and concerns.



A visual is worth more than a thousand words in today’s crush of constant information overload. According to Flimp, visuals engage between 400% and 700% more than plain text. Email’s with videos also get up to 3 times more clicks than static emails. This is spurred on by the widespread ease with which people are now consuming their media, be it on their laptops, phones or tablets.

View your event from an entirely new perspective with the use of aerial footage from drones. These are much cheaper than hiring helicopters and a camera and are easily available at very affordable rates. Whether you pipe the footage live to a screen on at the event, or use the visuals for documentary purposes after the event, it provides a unique and exciting perspective on traditional photography.

While event’s are traditionally an offline experience, technology is now being used more and more to enhance events and ensure maximum attendance, participation and after event metrics.

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