7 Reasons to Host your Matric Dance at Greyville Convention Centre

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7 Reasons to Host your Matric Dance at Greyville Convention Centre


Not far behind her wedding day, a girl’s matric dance is the standout social occasion of her life. Looking good (and better than that girl from Biology with the attitude) is of utmost importance. Everything else is irrelevant and somehow, touching up your hair and makeup next to a toilet cubicle doesn’t quite add to the glamour of the evening.Our four breakaway rooms provide the perfect opportunity for groups of friends to use our full-length mirrors and never run the risk of walking back with toilet paper stuck to your shoe. These rooms can also be used as a lounge for weary chaperones who don’t quite have the energy to keep up with teenagers on the dance floor.


Sure the extras are important, but what is a dance without…well… dancing. Quality sound makes all the difference and when it’s time for the slow dances, the last thing your partner wants is to feel the effects of you dancing up a storm for three hours solid.Luckily enough, our Silver Ring venue offers 18 high powered air conditioners and 18 Wharfedale Titan speakers in a 1750sq metre venue. Claustrophobia is never an issue and neither is the quality of the bass.


If you’ve been to a few dances in your time (of course you have, just look at you), you’ll know that the food is never great. It’s not shockingly bad, but you’ve dressed to the nines, so you expect a bit more than what mom is able to whip up after a long day.Look no further than Greyville, with our brand new kitchens, boasting some of the finest culinary minds in the hospitality industry. It’s going to be a long night, your body needs the best fuel possible!


Half the reasons we take matric dances photos is to be able to tell our kids about the who (your date was), what (you were thinking wearing ‘that’) and where. The school hall has been done a thousand times before and sitting in the same spot as you do every Monday morning does not a romantic evening make.Location Location Location! Greyville offers the chance to spend your big night in one of the historic landmarks of this city. Your limo driver has no excuse for getting lost and in 20 years’ time, you’ll have the chance to point it out to your kids.


It’s a given that at some point during the night, you’re going to want to leave for some air. For teachers and chaperones, having students leave the venue for a ‘walk’ is a strict code red. And really, all you want is a bit of a chat.The best of both worlds is available with the panoramic views of the Durban City Skyline on our outside verandah. Our Silver Ring is made up entirely of glass (to keep the chaperones happy) and talk about a romantic backdrop!


From the moment that dinner is served, most of you are already thinking of the after-party. And with the Durban club scene being what it is, the chances are that it’ll be at one of a handful of venues.Sure, the party bus may be fun, but paying ridiculous taxi fare is not. Greyville is ideally located, near the biggest names in Durban nightlife and if you had to make a list of your top five after-party venues, chances are that they will all be less than 5km from us.7.


Schools come in all shapes and sizes. Sure, you’ve got the large traditionals with 300 students per grade; but what about those with 100 or less? Nothing kills a mood more than having a handful of people at a venue made for thousands.You’re in luck. With 13 multi-flexible venues, Greyville is able to provide the perfect venue for your big day. Whether it’s an intimate ballroom for 50 people or large banquet hall for 1 000, we’ll find the perfect fit for your unique requirements!

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