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Centenary Room

The Centenary Room possesses an old world charm that is simply hard to resist. Able to cater to a range of events such as weddings, banquets and conferences, it is easy to see why this room would be a firm favourite. The mahogany wood structures and furniture speaks of old school 70’s style and glamour and appeal while still being on the forefront of technological advancements and improvements such as new and dynamic lighting. The Centenary Room is a conference venue of choice for the most discerning of tastes.

Seating caters to 200 in Cinema, School Room, Event and Theatre seating, 180 in Banquet (plated) and 150 in Banquet (Buffet)


Cinema: 200
School Room: 150
Banquet (Plated): 180
Banquet (Buffet): 150
Event: 200
Theatre: 200


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