Delivering Sophistication And Distinction On The South African Events Scene

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Delivering Sophistication And Distinction On The South African Events Scene

Say the name Greyville Convention Centre and the automatic association is with that of the Durban July races. Flashes of old-world glamour, infused with the new and more avant-garde edge, these are just a few of the mental pictures that spring to mind. It is clear that the image, adrenaline and excitement usually associated with the races has merged and become part of the Greyville Convention Centre’s identity and charm.

Great as this impression is, The Greyville Convention Centre has an identity that is not to be confused or entirely infused with that of the Durban July races.  What has become very clear is that a new identity needed to be carved, one that would make it apparent to the South African public that the Greyville Convention Centre stands on its own as a diverse and multi-purpose arena with a number of upmarket and exciting venues for event hire.


eLan Property Group saw a need in the South African events market and took the opportunity to adopt The Greyville Convention Centre as its very own development project. The idea was and still is to raise the bar on the Convention Centre offerings available not just to the South African public, but also to host corporate clients, prominent figures and dignitaries on the local and international scene.

Since the adoption, millions of rands worth of refurbishments, adjustments and renovations- have taken place and continue to do so. All of which has now resulted in the Convention Centre being ready for business sitting firmly and proudly under Elan Property group’s hospitality banner.

Moving forward there are many more intended aspects for upgrade and development at the Greyville Convention Centre, sound, lighting, décor, catering are among the various aspects that are  receiving ongoing attention from those at the cutting edge of their industry. New caterers, interior decorators, sound and lighting specialists along with a number of other service providers have all joined forces to bring you the ultimate event experience. The Greyville Convention Centre has been designed around the premise of having a number of multi-faceted, multi-purpose and dynamic venues under one broad banner, that communicate to a potential client that we really do have a venue to suit any and every event requirement. Weddings, conferences, corporate events, product launches, fashion shows, press announcements, luncheons, we have the capacity to do it all.


The eLan Property Group has plugged a lot of time, effort and money into the Greyville Convention Centre, to spruce up the selection of 13 venues on offer, not just to cater to public weddings, functions and events, but also to provide a world class setting for the corporate sector. With flexible pricing structures and adaptable venues, the right amount of attention will be paid to creating the right tone and pitch for your corporate event. From vibrant to hip, classy and elegant, to understated or sophisticated, we have the props, lighting, décor and in-house caterers to meet every requirement. When it comes to corporate events, The Greyville Convention Centre aims to understand the heart of your company’s ethos and communicate it through distinctive and meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of your event.

At Greyville Convention Centre we look forward to turning your event vision into reality, by offering tasteful, exciting, yet dignified settings and service providers to suit all event requirements. Members of the public and corporate sector are welcome to contact us for a guided tour of our venues and for any queries related to our facilities.

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