Don’t just eat better, go a little further, transform your lifestyle!

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Don’t just eat better, go a little further, transform your lifestyle!

If being healthy was a matter of life or death, would you make more of an effort? Well, scary enough it actually is… According to Dr, Warren Levy, Chief Medical Doctor of Virginia Heart, “Taking charge of your health is especially important when it comes to protecting your heart.”

Greyville Convention Centre is all about the ‘New Year, New You’ motto going around lately! Yes, we know it’s a little bit cheesy, but that’s why we love it, it sticks and sometimes ‘cheesy’ actually makes sense. With 2015, now in the past and 2016 prodding us in our faces, we have the opportunity to make a commitment to maintaining a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. By lifestyle we are not just referring to eating healthy (although this is vital and on our list) but by diving into a bit more than the ordinary, and choosing a lifestyle transformation rather than just eating better. Enjoy some of our healthy lifestyle tips for 2016…

  • Have sufficient ‘me’ time – Making time for yourself is imperative. Any form of self-care is helpful. From taking time to go for a walk, to reading a magazine, gardening, swimming, taking a long bath or doing yoga. 
  • Medicate! – Doctors say that too many people who are supposed to take chronic illness medication either don’t finish their prescriptions or skip days. So if you are on meds or daily vitamins, don’t miss them on weekends or when you leave the house in a rush, set a reminder on your phone, write in on your forehead if you have to… just do whatever it takes to help you get into a sound habit . 
  • Treat your skin like a baby’s bottom– Anyone who has had kids would know that you do all that you can to ensure your baby stays as far away from a nappy rash as possible by applying bum cream or some equivalent. Well according to Dermatologist, Dr Adam Friedman, he recommends using a mild soap, using generous amounts of moisturizer (especially in winter) and using a humidifier in your room to provide moisture in the air during the night to look after your skin. Just as you would look after your baby’s bum, look after your own skin.
  • Read more often to learn and feel motivated- Reading is therapeutic, it’s like watching a movie and zoning out. Instead it can be a lot more beneficial than watching series all evening. Reading helps you picture the scene, it urges you to use your imagination while relaxing and educating you. It can give you hope and inspiration. 
  • Choose meals and exercise regimes that suit your body type- Is it just us or are there new diets popping out of the wood works all the time? Some people swear by their eating plans/diets and we can’t blame them as it worked for them but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for the next person. We all have different body shapes and sizes, we’re allergic to different things- some gluten, some wheat etc. That’s why it is important to find a healthy eating plan and exercise regime that suits you best. Yes, listen to people’s tips and tricks but then do some homework and figure out what suits you and your body type best.
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