Guinness World Record Beaten By The Greyville Convention Centre

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Guinness World Record Beaten By The Greyville Convention Centre

The aim was to beat a world record and the effort was met with a resounding success! The Greyville Convention Centre set out to beat the existing world record for the longest dining table in the world. The result? Surpassing the existing record by 85 metres as an audience of 1000 diners looked on.This phenomenal feat was accomplished on the 27th of April and had a number of officials weighing in to ensure that the results were evaluated clearly and efficiently. The official measurement of the table took place at 08h47 in the morning and the length of the table was measured by a quantity surveyor with a lawyer, Police Captain and media personalities in attendance.The measuring of the table was filmed by two cameras and the 2084m measurement was complete some 45 minutes later at 09h31. The table was constructed in 10 hours, beating the previous record by 5 hours.Not only was this an attempt at breaking the Guinness World record for the longest dining table, but it was also a fantastic opportunity for the people in attendance to let down their hair and unwind. A live concert provided the perfect entertainment, people enjoyed their picnic packs and there was an opportunity to sign a register, to record the event for posterity.Alan Vels Executive Director of the events company said what a great day and event we had at the Greyville Convention Centre. Not only did Durbanites assist in beating a record that was previously held by the town of Lucca in Italy (2000m 27 June 2014), but everybody had a great day in terms of entertainment and rubbing shoulders with several of Durbans top business people, celebrities and political personalities. It just goes to prove what the people of Durban and particularly the kids of Durban can do when they collectively get together to prove what a great venue Greyville Convention Centre is but also what a great city we live in.Adding to the diversity of the day, Dawie Marie from the professional cycling team Abantu, raced against a race horse on the Greyville racecourse polytrack and won by some 10 metres clocking a speed in excess of 70km at the finish.Going forward, a proof of evidence file will now be sent to the Guinness World Record offices in the UK to have the record officially approved. Durban can now proudly stand behind a world record that represents all the residents of the city and the record will be increased every year bringing Durbanites together on a great day of family entertainment and networking.

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