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Silver Ring

The Silver Ring is a clear favourite when it comes to hosting events and is one of the most popular and sought after venues in Durban.  Of all of Greyville’s offerings this indoor venue is one of the most dynamic with a spacious 1529 square meter space, no pillars in the room (every Event Managers Dream!) and the room is fully air-conditioned.  The Silver Ring is located on the 2nd floor and has a lovely balcony that runs the length of the venue with stunning views of the Durban skyline and a relaxing, yet energizing atmosphere, guaranteed to provide the perfect backdrop to your dynamic event.  This venue is perfect for banquets, conferences, weddings, corporate functions, parties, special events and a whole lot more.

Capacity (depending on stage and set requirements)
Cinema: 1000
School Room: 800
Banquet (Plated): 900
Banquet (Buffet): 800


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